Matt Cairns Author
New Zealand

Bio: I write action thriller/horrors with an element of the supernatural.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my Thanksgiving post! There will be another tomorrow about the food at the first Turkey Day, well, not exactly just a turkey day. I had hoped to make some money with my writing – a pipe dream, I think – to buy another Model A phaeton, just for fun.

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    1. Hey Noelle. I just checked out Death in a Red Canvas Chair on Amazon. 31 reviews and 4.6 star average! Wow. You definitely know what you’re doing. Have you been approaching agents/publishers etc? With those stats they should be taking interest.


  2. Thanks, Matt, that’s good information. I’ve approached only a couple of publishers. It seemed that they weren’t going to be doing a lot for me that I wasn’t already doing self publishing. I’ve hired a marketing group for my second book, out in mid-January. They told me they would help me find a publisher once the second book was out and the third was on the way, with idea of selling the company on the whole series. I have a friend who got picked up by a publisher, but she’s still not getting sold and she’s paying for a lot of the marketing herself plus travel. You’ve given me hope. I will keep in touch.

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